-Sugar Free-

“我又一次毫不怀疑地 穿过冬季 和赤道 满心欢喜地奔向你的夏天”

I can't remember the Sydney Opera House. But I can remember that after you said it was cold at the part, the smell of your hair tips and warmth spreading form your body when I opened my jacket to embrace you.

I can't remember the Forbidden City. But I can remember the witty expression on your face while you stretched your neck out looking for a parking spot, and the stripe jasmin flavored gum that we shared in the car.

I can't remember the sight of cherry blossoms falling in Ueno Park. But I can remember us walking together under the cherry trees, the feeling of being careful about what to say, and about the distance between us.

I can't remember our final destination when we traveled by train. But I can remember when our eyes accasionally meet, and the quiet moments that we held hands without saying anything.

I can't remember where I flew to all those times. But I can remember the firm determination that held me through all those times that I went to see you.

So I think,that the reason why life is precious, just might not be the grand and luxurious destinations that we've been to;But is that during the moments of loneliness and boredom in our travels, I had you to keep me company.